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Our Terms of Service

FurZombie Studios Terms of Service


We require a 50% down payment to hold your spot. Or paid in full. Requests may vary on situation. %30 of the total is nonrefunable and serves as the deposit. If %50 is paid up front, other %50 must be paid in full before item is shipped.
All payments are in USD only. We work primarily with Paypal. With Paypal payments you will be setup with an invoice for the total cost. Shipping will be a separate invoice. Shipping is not included.
We also require a photo of yourself with your photo I.D in the picture that matches the Paypal being used for payments. There has been alot of fraud within the community which requires us to take this action to protect ourselves. Thank you for understanding.

We request that a duct tape dummy be built to fit your bodysuit along to, measurements will be pulled from the duct tape dummy and a pattern created to fit to the dummy. Requests can be made for a looser or more body conforming suit. A shoe size, hand size, and circumference of your head will also be requested.

Sorry we do not work with minors or parents requesting a slot for a minor.
18+ only

Shipping is not included in the price for any fursuit or parts. Prices vary on size and where you are located. We generally ship out 2-3 day shipping through USPS and will include a tracking number.

Furzombie Studios requires concept art or reference sheet (three side view, front, back and side)of the character you wish to have reviewed for consideration of build. NOT EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE TO CONVERT INTO A FURSUIT. There are just some designs and colors that aren’t possible to put on a suit but we are willing to work with you to find a happy medium. We always try our best to put our best into a design request however. Make sure everything you want incorporated into your suit is in your final submitted artwork because that is how your fursuit will be made. Please do not include shading in your reference sheet as that can be confusing sometimes, flat colors only please.
We will not reproduce copywritten characters of any kind sorry.

Payment must be completed before the suit is shipped. We will notify you when your suit production has started and send work in progress pictures during the process. As soon as it’s finished we ship it off to you! This work time is determined where your project falls into the current work queue and how many suits are ahead of you in line.
Work windows are being offered to get an idea of when you expect your fursuit to be finished. So if there is a certain convention or event you would like your suit for we can discuss that if its far in advance. We are no longer offering specific deadlines until further notice.

We will not take fur from customers to use for projects. We have our own suppliers we like to order from and like to stay organized. Same for other parts such as head bases, we take pride in our work and custom sculpts and will not use other artists bases to make suits.
Smaller parts like hooves and claws we will occassionaly outsource and credit to the right business when need be.
We do not make foam bases for sale for other people to fur and complete either.

As much as we like making new friends in the fandom, we reserve that time for at conventions and meets. The Telegram we use is reserved for quick discussion on fursuits ONLY. We don’t appreciate messages sent at 2 a.m with a “hello hey how’s it going?” Same for emails. If you are requesting a quote please be serious about buying. It is a huge waste of our time to discuss a suit when you don’t have the funds to even consider investing into. It gets tiring hearing the “I will commission you when I get a job, move out of my parents house..etc” These messages and emails WILL be ignored and you will be blocked.
If you have questions regarding your project however, please feel free to message us! Our work hours are between 7am -7pm Central Time. Messagesrecieved after work hours will be reponded to the next business day.  Business days are Monday-Friday.

We offer discounts on Artistic Freedom partials and fullsuits because sometimes we just have TOO much fur in stock we need to downsize on. For Artistic Freedom suits suggestions for species and preferred colors are taken into consideration while designing the character so it’s not a complete surprise as to what you are receiving.

Furzombie Studios will make repairs for free within 30 days of purchase if the item is faulty in any way on our part. If it is shown that the suit has been altered or purposely damaged, the warranty is void and we will not repair the suit. Suits must be cleaned prior to shipping for repairs or they will be returned. Customers are responsible for the shipping for repairs. Suits that have been used for any sexual activity voids any warranty and will NOT BE repaired/altered if used for such things. Any requests for SPH's in a suit will also result in void warranty, we will do them but just be sure you really want it.

Anything agreed upon by both parties in writing, including email, is a binding contract. By accepting a commission from FurZombie Studios, you agree upon all terms of service. We save all Telegram and email messages for our records and advise you do the same.

Furzombie Studios reserves to right to refuse commissions of any type. We like to put out our best work and some projects just don’t suit our style and feel other makers would do better, such as realistic suits. We are a primarily toony designed studio. We also will refuse work to someone who is difficult to work with before the project is even started. We do not discriminate against anyone, but we will not tolerate inexcusable behavior that is not professional. We are a business and will treat you in a professional manner when it comes to your fursuit and expect the same in return.
Furzombie Studios is not responsible for any bodily harm/injuries while a customer is wearing one of our products. Fursuits are not padded body armor and will not protect you from falls or contact with other objects which may harm you. Fursuits are EXTREMELY hot and it is very easy to overheat while wearing them, please take precautions to stay cool and take breaks while in suit, staying hydrated is key.

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Sweet Deals on Artistic Freedom Suits!

We have a hoard of fur just waiting for that right project. Not sure what you want and would like us to design a character for you no problem! You will be able to give color pallets suggestions and species suggestions while we build your one of a kind design!